Sunday, October 2, 2011

for the love of laundry.

today i folded my laundry... the same laundry that i washed on tuesday... yay me.

i seriously need this sign hanging above my washer and dryer

source: pinterest

honestly, it's a REALLY bad habit that i've gotten into. i do the laundry and it sits in the dryer for about 2 days, then i decide to bring it inside and it sits in the basket at the base of my bed. i pick through it during the week trying to find my favorite black shirt, or the jeans that make my bum look awesome. then eventually, i have enough dirty clothes on the floor that i have to fold and put away the clean laundry so i can fill the basket with the dirty clothes that are piling up in the corner... hahaha. it's so so bad, and even though Alex doesn't complain about it i'm sure it drives him crazy.

but anyways, tonight we were catching up on our shows (mainly Modern Family and The Office) and i decided to fold the laundry <you're all shocked i know> and it was such a nice surprise when Alex sat down right next to me and grabbed a pile of clothes and started helping me fold. I looked over and smiled and we just kept folding laundry in silence, watching the hilarity that is Modern Family and enjoying each others company.

I love marriage. i love that folding laundry with my husband makes my love for him grow. i love that we can laugh over a random sock that we found in the dryer (seriously, neither of us had ever seen this sock in our lives... how it ended up in our dryer we will never know). and i love that the small piles of clean clothes will most likely stay in my family room until sometime later on in the week ;)

that's the funny thing about marriage. you live with someone who you are completely in love with and suddenly mundane tasks become these epic adventures that you look forward to every day. little things that most people would over look, or view as silly are the things that you love most about your spouse. you are able to look at each other and have conversations and read each others thoughts and finish each others sentences. you fall into routine, but somehow there is nothing routine about it. you can be a complete weirdo and you will receive kisses on the forehead instead of skeptical looks (okay, sometimes you receive skeptical looks)... haha. you always have someone to tell your secrets to. you have someone to root for you when you don't even want to root for yourself.

and most of all you will always have someone to help you avoid doing the laundry.



  1. Thanks for making me cry. buhuhuh :P

  2. SO perfectly written. I love this! It's so true!

  3. ok, this was the cutest thing! I am so glad i cam over here and read this.

  4. This is such a sweet post. Often the mundane things in life are what slowly chokes a marriage; thanks for reminding us that every day should be an adventure!

    Rachel @