Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Holiday Recap

The holiday's flew by in a magical, colorful, sugar coated blur. I can't believe that I'm writing this past already a few weeks into FEBRUARY! I swear, I had real intentions to get this blog post written a lot sooner, but life with a toddler is no joke. We are always on the go, playing, crafting, coloring, play-dating, and just having a grand ole time.

We had a great november, spending as much time outside as physically possible. "Winter" in AZ is the best, no temps below 50 degrees, lots of warm sunshine, and opportunities galore for adventure! We went out to the desert a few times to go rock climbing and repelling, and do some off roading. My dad helped me repel for my first time and it was slightly terrifying, but fun and something I could do again. The scariest part for me, surprisingly, wasn't taking that initial step over the edge, since my dad was there to guide me through every step. But I started to kinda panic when I was half way down and I was all alone on the side of this mountain, and I didn't know what was below me, and there wasn't anyone there to guide me. But luckily my sister and mom were at the bottom and they were shouting at me to stay calm and to keep my feet up high to i wouldn't sway too much, and that helped a lot. Izzy was waiting for me at the bottom and she kept saying "mommy climb!". She really didn't like watching Alex climb down though. She kept shouting "Oh no! Daddy! Oh no!" and ran over to him so fast once he got to the bottom. Izzy is so caring and really just loves her daddy so much.

A few days before Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree. I loved seeing izzy carefully place the ornaments on the boughs and just stare at the pretty lights. I knew that last Christmas was fun with a 6 month old, but man i had no idea how absolutely amazing it was gonna be with an 18 month old. The singing and the talking and the excitement (read:terror) that Santa is gonna come, making cookies, and wrapping presents. It's seriously all 10 times better with a toddler. we got so lucky and she isn't a mischievous baby at all, so we didn't have to only half decorate our tree, or create a baby barricade, cuz izzy just left it all alone. I mean she will touch the ornaments, and say "pretty!" and she liked to lay under the tree and look at all the lights (who doesn't love doing that?) But she didn't ever try to destroy the ornaments, or take down the garlands, or rip into the pre wrapped presents. We are definitely super spoiled with such a well behaved little girl.

Some of my favorite things from this holiday season was teaching Izzy Christmas carols. When we would sing "Jingle Bells" she would always wait with such anticipation for the end of the chorus so she could jump up, throw her arms in the air, and shout "HEY!!!". She also learned all the 'echos' to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I can't even begin to tell you how cute it was. I also can't even imagine how many times we have sung both of these songs. Even now, in february, she still wants us to sing it.

We spent a good part of december at my moms house working on a fun project- Christmas Dresses! My mom, and my grandma and I all worked really hard on making two special dresses. I cannot believe how perfectly the turned out! Christmas Sunday was so beautiful and we got so many compliments.

Some other fun things about this time of year was caroling and christmas cookie decorating with the McHardy's, Christmas choir concerts, Zoo Lights, Temple Lights, Discovering Sodalicious (plus the fact that it's only 2 miles from my house!!), STAR WARS!!! Alex's birthday, Hope's Birthday, friend Christmas parties, girlfriend Christmas parties, Church Christmas parties, and lots and lots of family time. With Alex's new work schedule, we has able to take off 2 weeks surrounding the holiday's and we just played, and went to lunch, and christmas shopped, and played too many bored games! It was honestly the best thing having Alex around so much! I know Iz loved having her daddy around too! She's such a daddy's girl, and Alex is seriously such a good dad. I love their love, and I just love to sit back and watch them interact together. They truly have something so special.

Christmas morning was one of the most fun days I can remember. I was the one to wake up so early, and had to sit around patiently for Izzy to wake up. This was probably the only time I've ever wished she didn't sleep in until 8:30. Ha! But once she was up, we ran downstairs to do stockings, and then went to have our traditional Davis Christmas breakfast- Green Eggs and Ham and Monkey bread! Izzy loved her stocking, and honestly would have been perfectly happy with just the stuff in her stocking. She was content to just go through those little toys and stickers. And she would get frustrated when we would try and put her stocking aside to get her to open another present. Two of her very favorite presents were her Baby Doll from Grandma, and her Rapunzel and Pooh bear dolls. She also loved her Teepee and car mat! Alex and I were completely spoiled and we both had planned some extra surprises for each other.  I thought I was the only one who had a surprise for Alex (Lego Millenium Falcon), so when I was handed a small wrapped box i was extremely confused. I ripped into the present and can honestly say that this was probably the most surprised i've ever been by a gift. An Apple Watch! Such a fun and thoughtful present and I truly love it so much. We were beyond spoiled this year.

The new year came and went. We had a big party at our house, and with both sides of the family, and lots of friends, we played tons of games, ate the yummiest food and basically never stopped laughing.

The last two months have been filled with fun adventures to the desert, lots of thrifting, some home improvement projects, and the funniest, smartest, cutest, little toddler i've ever known. Izzy is incredible. Her speech blossoms more and more every day. At her 18 month appointment, our pediatrician was FLOORED with how smart she is.

At 18 months she

  • knew all her letters, can recognize them on a page, magnet, sign ect. and can sing her ABC's (and has known all her letters since she was 15 months!!)
  • knew most shapes, including diamond, oval, octagon, rectangle, and star
  • knew over 300 words, and was stringing 3-4 words together (for example, when she wants lunch she would say- mommy, food, hungry, kitchen)
  • knew tons of animals and the sounds they make
  • would repeat virtually every word she would hear
  • would point out every object she could see and tell you what it was 
  • would tell you every time she heard an airplane, motorcycle, car, helicopter, bus ect.
  • would recognize which grandparent's house we were at as soon as we pull into the drive way
She is surprising me every day with all she knows. She will say new words and I just look at her like, Where did you learn that!? She is so loving, and so polite. She always says "I luh you mommy" or "Tank you mommy" and it melts me every time. She loves books, being outside, coloring, bubbles, baby dolls, princesses, Pooh Bear, stickers, and going to the kid care at the gym. Her fave foods are che-chup (ketchup) Fruh-fries (French fries) ranch, hot dogs, oatmeal (she literally asks for it ever morning...) broccoli, steamed carrots, popsicles, waffles, fruit snacks, and pizza... but she isn't picky at all. she will pretty much eat whatever she is given, but it's funny because there are days where she just knows what she wants. She will insist on having ham and cheese for breakfast, or waffles for lunch, and there is no arguing with her.

She is the absolute love of my life and I adore being able to spend every day with her. She makes my life happier, gives me purpose, and is the reason i try every day to be a better person. She is a delight and i'm honored to be her mom. 

It's true, we really are besties...

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