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June Update

I don't want to be that obnoxious mom that refers to her child as 13 months, 19 months, or 64 months old... but I do want to keep having monthly updates about our lives, Izzy's milestones, and whatever else I feel like. So here goes for Izzy's 13 months... err, i mean, our june update!

So immediately after Isabel's birthday, we loaded up the car, packed our swimsuits and drove north to Lake Powell. My dad had rented a house boat for a week, and our whole family, and my aunt and uncle and cousins were all going to come and hang out. I was so excited, because we have done the Lake Powell thing many many times, but never on a house boat. It was really awesome. Although, I was a slight bit terrified about Izzy constantly being surrounded by water. I was a little over protective, and didn't like it when she was out of my sight, but I knew that everyone there was watching out for us, so it was a nice little vacation. Isabel loved playing in the sand and splashing around in the water. She is such a little fish. She didn't care if she was naked, or completely covered, she wanted to be playing on the beach. We had sand toys for her, and she was so cute digging, and raking, and dumping sand everywhere. She didn't however really like being on the ski boat. She isn't the biggest fan of her life jacket, and she doesn't love sitting still or staying on mom and dad's lap... so cruising around in the ski boat wasn't always the most enjoyable, for her, or the rest of us on the boat. But honestly, it really wasn't that bad, she would fuss for a minute, but usually just pass out as soon as we got going. And she did like watching people wake surf behind the boat, since you don't go too fast and the person surfing is only a few feet away. She would wave and dance to whatever music was blasting.

 My parents are amazing, and seriously made this whole trip a reality. They bought, cooked and cleaned up every meal, and I'm talking AMAZING meals... like a full pancake and egg breakfast, fajitas, breakfast burritos, spaghetti and garlic bread, chicken pot pies over the camp fire! It was incredible. My dad is so selfless and drove people on the boat constantly, and i think he only got to ski a few times. We are so spoiled, and I hope they both know how much we appreciate them and all they do for us! <3

It was so fun to be around family. We played games and laughed, and just talked and caught up. I'm always so glad when family from out of town gets to be around Izzy. She just makes everyones life better, and I'm happy that she will get to have good relationships with these amazing people.

While we were on the boat Izzys "vocabulary" just skyrocketed. We had started teaching her just a few signs, and she was catching on really quick. She can say Please, Thank You, More, All Done, Food, and Milk. It's amazing how much happier she is just being able to communicate those simple phrases. She used to get frustrated easily and shriek and point and kinda throw a tantrum until we guessed what she wanted and handed it to her. But now with knowing a few words in sign language, she just quietly says "more please" and points to a cracker or fruit, and then will say "Thank you"... It's awesome. And she will tell you "All Done" when she is finished eating and wanted to get out of her highchair. I was never a huge believer in baby sign language, but i'm just amazed how much happier we all are now that she knows a few words.

Getting home from Powell was kinda a whirlwind, we drove the straight 6 hours home, got in late, then unpacked the car, and did some laundry, just so I could pack up again and head off to girls camp in the morning. Isabel stayed with Grandma Lorri while I was gone and Alex was at work and I know she had a blast! Girls camp was great... until it wasn't. I got up the Heber and found the camp no problem, and jumped right into all the activities. We played games with the girls, did some crafts, went to activities, and then right around dinner I started feeling weird. I knew something was up, and I could tell that I was going to be sick. I told the other leaders that I was starting to go down hill fast and went to the nurses station. Took some meds, drank a sprite and said a prayer that I would get feeling better. I told our YW president that I was going to try to sleep and get some rest, but if I wasn't there in the morning it's because I was feeling too sick and drove home. Well I tried to sleep, but kept tossing and turning and i just knew i was going to throw up. Luckily, I was able to make it out of our tent before that happened. After I threw up, I debated trying to go back to sleep, but I decided that I could either spend the next 3 hours getting home and recuperating, or I could spend the next 3 hours not sleeping and feeling gross, just to then leave in the morning. I packed up as quickly and quietly as I could, said a quick prayer that I would be able to make it home safely, and called alex to let him know i was coming. The drive home was frustrating, I had to keep pulling over to throw up, and I almost hit an elk.... But as sad as i was to leave camp, i'm glad I did because those next 24 hours were no bueno, and I can't imagine doing it all in the woods. But I'm grateful for being able to serve in the Young Womens. This calling has changed me so much. I have added so much to my testimony, I have gained confidence in my teaching abilities, and I have been taught so much by these beautiful girls I get to see twice a week.

At the end of the month we had the most fun planned! Alex a few months back sent me an email that said that for my birthday this year he wanted to plan a trip. He knows me so well! I love planning trips, and I love having something fun to look forward to. We picked San Diego and it was such perfect timing. The weekend we chose to go Alex had a friday off, and the Diamonbacks were going to be in San Diego playing the Padres so we could root for our home team while at Pecto Park.

 The whole trip was amazing. We got in Friday afternoon, and immediately headed for the beach! It was a little cold, but that didn't stop Alex and Izzy from getting in the ocean. I tell ya, you can't keep her out of the water. She liked it a lot, until it got in her mouth, haha! But we played with seashells, and buried her in the sand and just relaxed for a while. We had a dinner reservation for 7, and headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up, then went out to walk around Old Town for a while. Walking around was so lovely, the weather was amazing and all the mexican restaurants were emitting the most incredible smells. Every window we passed had the cutest little old ladies making homemade tortillas and had the funnest atmosphere. The place we ended up eating (Rocking Lobster Baja Cantina) was INCREDIBLE. We sat on the outdoor courtyard, next to a waterfall, and in front of the live band. We ordered a bucket of food which included, homemade tortillas, rice and beans, grilled chicken, flank steaks, a dozen huge shrimp, 6 lobster tails and grilled corn on the cob.... basically it was heaven and I could have died happy right there in that moment. Everything was so delicious and izzy gobbled everything up, all while dancing to the live music and making everyone at our surrounding tables smile because she is so stinking adorable. After dinner we walked around some more because we were beyond stuffed, but we saw a homemade candy shop and had to stop in a get some caramels. It was a wonderful first day in San Diego!

The next day was even better, wanna know why? Because my parents were here!!! They are literal angels and they drove all the way to San Diego, and got a hotel and everything just so they could babysit Isabel for a day! I had mentioned once how it would have been so fun to do a session at the San Diego temple, but how we obviously couldn't because we would have Izzy with us. Well my mom and dad offered to come and watch her on Saturday so Alex and I could indeed attend the temple, and also just have the rest of the day together. My parents to Izzy to SeaWorld and she was in LOVE with the whales. I'm so glad she had a good time!

 We loved the session at the San Diego temple. I love being able to see inside different temples around the world and get to enjoy each different celestial room. It was such a wonderful experience. We made it in time to do the Spanish session which Alex loved, and it was really fun for me too.
After the temple we went to Belmont Park and rode some old pier roller coasters and carnival rides and ate some fair food (deep fried cheese... haha). It was so fun to just walk around this park, holding my husbands hand and feelings so giddy and young and in love. We just couldn't stop saying how fun it was to be without izzy for just the day. We were really able to reconnect and just play and be silly and it was just so nice. We then headed up to a fancier part of town to Fashion valley Mall and walked around and did some shopping. Alex bought be a few little necklaces from Forever21, and a yummy candle that he picked out from Bath and Body Works. It's little things like that that are so fun, we aren't huge into souvenirs, but getting something useful from a place that you are visiting is always fun. Now whenever I wear those necklaces (which is a lot) I always think of that trip. We had lunch at the coolest (And yummiest) place. It's called Stacked, and if you are ever in California I highly suggest you seek it out. It has a fun menu that you use an ipad to order and everything is customizable and you just click and drag the ingredients on or off your dish to make it how you like it. It was so fun and everything was so delicious! 

After lunch it was time to head to the baseball game!! This was park 5 out of 30! Petco Park. We got there early, got our tickets, and then just went inside and walked around and saw all the cool features about this field. We looked through the museums, went to the team shop, watched batting practice from the sand lot, and took a selfie in front of the Mr. Padre statue. I'm so glad that Alex and I share this love for baseball. It was such a fun game, seriously the in between inning entertainment was the best i've ever seen. We were laughing and dancing and having a blast. Our dbacks lots, but it was still one of the best games of my life. Something I will always remember.

My angel parents let Izzy spend the night with them, so Alex and I even got a night along together on our vacation! We slept like babies! The next morning we all went to the San Diego Zoo! I am an avid zoo lover and I couldn't wait to go to the zoo with my little family and my parents. The weather could not have been more perfect and I swear all the animals were out and they were being so cute and fun. We got some really great pictures! The best thing litereally was that there were so many newborn animals! There was a baby giraffe, a baby gorilla, a baby hippo, a baby jaguar, and a baby orangutan! I almost couldn't handle the cuteness!

It was such an incredible day and the most perfect birthday weekend! I'm so grateful to my husband for planning the whole thing, and I don't think I'll ever be able to thank my parents enough for coming and watching Izzy. 

June was just so perfect and to top the whole beautiful month off, my very best friend in the whole world had her baby boy! He is the most perfect thing, and I just cannot get enough of him. I literally have to restrain myself from calling her every day to see if I can go over to see him. Hope is such a beautiful mother, and I'm loving watching her fill this new role with such grace. She is seriously so collected and doesn't to seem to have any issues whatsoever. She's incredible and I'm so beyond proud of her. <3 Check out her birth story here!

June, you were good to us, and I hope that July is just as wonderful.

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