Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Fourth Month

This little peanut of mine is growing up more and more each day and it's just going so fast, and no matter how much I try and capture everything, I still feel like I'm failing and missing so much. Does anyone have any tips on how to freeze time?

We had lots of family time this month, which Izzy just loves. She is such a social baby, I can't get over it. She constantly is looking at the world around her, taking everything in and is always just so mesmerized by all she sees. We went to see Uncle Brennan in his Orchestra Concert where he was First Chair Cello!! So proud of him! It was amazing to watch Izzy be cause she was just so entranced by the pretty music she would stand up on aunt Abby's lap and watch the kids up on stage and only napped for about 15 minutes near the beginning. She didn't make one peep, and just watched with her big beautiful eyes, and soaked it all in. I wouldn't be surprised if she takes up some form of musical instrument. We have such talented musicians in our family, it'd be hard not to!

We had a few play dates with some good friends and their sweet babies! We enjoyed the hot AZ weather and went swimming at my parents house and just had a blast. Izzy loved everything about the water!

Proud mommy moment! I was able to get back into a few of my pre pregnancy jeans!! Granted, they are my "fat pants" from before I got pregnant, and I still have a LOOONG way to go before I will be back to "normal" but hey, it's a start. And it's really nice to be wearing pants that have a real button and zipper!

This is the month of the scootcher and the roller! At the beginning of the month, she started to scootch everywhere! I would put her down on her play mat, and within 5 minutes she had spun herself around and was halfway across the room! She always looked so proud of herself! She also has become a tummy time rockstar, and so she quickly figured out how to roll! At first she could only get from her front to her back. But by the end of the month she was rolling both ways and was able to scootch forward on her tummy. Not quite an army crawl, but more like an inch worm. It's pretty cute. I will set her down on a blanket and in no time I will hear her grunting away and I will look and see her with her face buried in the carpet, trying to roll and scootch away.

We have officially started putting Izzy's hair in pigtails and ponytails! I just couldn't resist and longer. When your baby has as much hair as mine does, you gotta start doing their hair as soon as possible. And now since she can sit up in her Bumbo like a champ (another milestone!!) It's way easy for my to do her hair. We were going to a neighborhood fair, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to sport her first pig tails! She was definitely too cute for words!

I was able to score a cute little bouncer for Izzy off of Facebook! She instantly fell in love with it and just has the best time bouncing around and making it play music and light up. She just LOVES standing up. She gets so frustrated to be laying down if she doesn't have to be. I honestly would not be surprised at all if she starts to walk super early, because man, this little lady is just so anxious to explore the world!!

One of the most fun things we did this month was go to the lake with my family! My dad has been waiting for Izzy to be big enough for her life jacket, and to be able to take her out on the water. Of course Izzy loved it, and we had such a fun time holding her in the water and snuggling her and smelling the sunscreen on her soft skin! Oh man, I just couldn't get over her and how sweet she was with her life jacket on and her floppy hat! I love my little mermaid baby, and I so look forward to next summer, when we are able to go to lake as much as possible and to see her love for the water increase so much!

I just can't get over how much she has seems to grow up this month. She has definitely gone from being an infant to being a fun little baby... if that makes any sense. haha. She is just so fun, and brings so much joy to our lives.

  • You still love to stand up. You will usually laugh and giggle if we stand you up on or laps. You especially love it if we let you face outward so you can see all that is going on.
  • You are so giggly. You are really developed a sense of humor this month. I can make silly noises, or silly faces and you will just crack up. Your little belly is getting ticklish, you have to be in the right mood, but you will let our the cutest grunt laugh when i tickle yuor belly. I love it.
  • You are all smiles when we sing. You get to come to choir with me and daddy and you absolutely love sitting on anyones lap and listening to them sing. 
  • You still suck your fingers all day. And you still have no favorite. I catch you sucking your thumb one day, then you suck the middle two, or just the pointer finger. And every once in a while, your will literally get your WHOLE FIST in your mouth... then you gag. haha so silly.
  • You are the happiest in the morning. I can walk into your room and just say "Good moooorrrnnning!!" and you roll a round and squirm and get to excited. you usually let our a giggle of a big happy gasp and it's the best thing of my whole life. any morning that your daddy is home, he tells me to not get out of bed because he wants to go and get you because it's so fun to see you first thing in the morning.
  • You love to blow bubbles. You spit and make farting noises and blow raspberries and it couldn't be more hilarious.
  • You are ALWAYS talking. Babbling away. You will 'talk' back to us. We can say "oh hi Iz." and you will coo and babble and then we will say, "oh really? tell me more!" and you will get so happy and just tell us all your baby stories. You talk to yourself in the car while we drive, or in the mornings before I come in to get you I just hear you on the monitor just talking away. 
  • You rarely cry. Seriously we are so blessed. You get a bit cranky before you fall asleep, or if it's past your feeding time, but honestly it's more of a whine than a cry. You will just kinda complain until we fix the problem, and then all is right in the world and you are so happy and easy going. I honestly don't know what I did you get to lucky.
  • You do the CUTEST thing ever, where you clasp your hands together in front of your face. You have been doing this since you were in my belly, I have ultrasounds to prove it! But now you are doing it with more purpose and it's just so sweet. everyone comments on it, and I love it so much. You do it most often while nursing or when you are so so so happy. 

Isabel Paige, you are the light of my life and I can't think of all the right words to explain my love for you. 


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  1. This grandma feels extremely blessed to be a part of this little angel's journey. She has definitely brightened all of our family's lives!