Friday, February 14, 2014

Week Twenty-Five

Oh baby updates... How i love you. It just means that i am that much closer to meeting my sweet little stinker!! Twenty Five weeks have flown by, and it's actually freaking me out how soon she will be here. I know that 15 weeks isn't actually that soon... But still, man if the months keep going by as quickly as they have been, i'm in big trouble.

So here we go with the baby questions:

How Far Along?
I'm 25 weeks and 2 days

How Am I Feeling?
Still feeling awesome. I'm so happy to say that I'm still sleeping through the night no issue. My heartburn as subsided for the most part. My skin has cleared up, my appetite is right where it should be. I'm going to the gym a few times a week to just walk on the treadmill or the elliptical and that feels great. I have no swelling or anything like that. It's fabulous. I do get out of breath quite quickly, just walking up the stairs takes it out of me. But that's really the least of my worries. I'm just so happy to be so blessed with a happy healthy pregnancy.

How Big Is Baby?
Head to heels, baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. Her weight is 1&1/2 pounds, and she's beginning to exchange her long, lean look for some baby fat.


This is the first update where I have some actual weight gain to report. In the last 5 weeks since my last update I have gained 7 pounds. Dr. says that I'm perfectly on track in my weight gain and so I'm just eating what I want when I want and it seems to be treating me just fine!

What Do I Miss?
Breathing through my nose. I suppose this should go in the symptoms section as well, but oh my gosh! My nose gets so congested at night when I lie down. It's horrible. I talked to my dr. about it and he said that it's totally normal because my body has 50% more blood coursing through it and so my sinuses get a little enflamed making it hard to breath. My poor poor husband... I snore so bad at night it's just so embarrassing. Alex now sleeps with earplugs so that i don't keep him up... oh man, isn't pregnancy so so glamourous... hahahaha.... /sigh The worst part of the congestion is that it isn't like a sickness where I know I will be better and breathing normally is a maximum of like 2 weeks... with this pregnancy congestion I know that it wont get better until this little babe comes... and that is still a generous amount of time away. We are now taking donations for better earplugs for my husband.

Other than the aforementioned breathing issue, I'm doing okay. A few Braxton Hicks here and there, and still a generous amount of round ligament pain that takes my breath away it's getting so painful, but I'm tough, and it's not too terrible at all. 

My sweet tooth has come back in full force and I'm been LOVING root beer floats. So good! Also, I've been baking more, and I've made cookies and muffins and so many tasty treats. I also, love peanut m&m's and chocolate kisses... oh gosh. I'm also craving greasy fast food. But this month I am trying SO HARD to not eat out/spend money and so I've been making turkey burgers and pizzas at home, which makes me feel a whole lot better about myself and how i'm feeding my little one. 

Highlights of the Week?
This happened a few weeks ago, but I have really been feeling the baby move. I love laying in bed in the morning and putting my hands on my belly and feeling her kick and squirm and bounce around. It's just so surreal. Alex has been able to catch a few kicks, but it's like her own personal game to kick up a storm, and then as soon as Alex touches my belly she completely stops until he takes is hands away... little booger. HA!

I can already tell she's gonna have a big personality. We are in for a fun journey. :)


  1. You're so stinkin pretty!! So happy for you and Alex!

  2. Amen to the whole stuffy nose thing! I don't think I'm snoring yet, but I wake up throughout the night because I just can't breathe! I've started keeping some saline nose drops on my nightstand, and it seems to at least help a little bit. You look so cute! I can't wait til winter is over and I can wear flowy dresses and not have to be all bundled up and feeling gross. :)