Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 15 Baby Update

Hooray! Since we have finally announced the pregnancy, I can write up my first pregnancy update. I feel so lucky to be going through this amazing process and I want to document it as best I can. :)

So, here we go!

How Far Along?
I am 15 weeks and 4 days! My due date was May 28th, but I am measuring small, so to avoid disappointment, the doctor moved the due date back to June 2. 

How Am I Feeling?
Honestly, this WHOLE pregnancy has been AMAZING. I was never sick, or nauseous at all. Just a little picky with what I wanted to eat. So that was amazing (And I did throw up once, simply because I took my prenatal vitamins before I had eaten any breakfast... not a good idea) And this last week has been to different. I've been energized, and upbeat, and I totally have my complete appetite back (and then some... haha). 

How Big Is Baby? says that Baby is about 4 inches long from head to bum. And weighs about 2.5 ounces, which they say is approx. the same weight of one apple. 

In my first trimester I lost 11 pounds, so that was nice. and in the last two-ish weeks of having my appetite back I have gained 3 pounds... So from becoming pregnant I am still -8 pounds. Which is so okay with me. 

What Do I Miss?
There isn't much I can't do at this point. So I don't have much to miss. I guess I could say that I miss work. I quit nannying about 3 weeks ago, and I do miss those sweet girls. But I am happy for this new chapter in our lives. The girls have an amazing new nanny and I couldn't be happier with who took over for me. But I do miss my little ladies.

I have been blessed with an extremely healthy pregnancy, so i haven't had too many symptoms. But I have noticed a few things that can be attributed to the pregnancy. I have had some terrible migraines, but I notice that I only get them if i am not drinking enough water. So as long as i keep hydrated, i'm good. And I have had heartburn once so far. I also have super obnoxious acne. Honestly, it's not that bad, but i have had great skin for most of my life (Sidenote: I had THE WORST ACNE ever ever ever when i was younger. I got it really early. like 5th grade. and in 8th grade my parents finally got me on Accutane, soooo ever since then, my skin has been awesome to me...) but yeah so the new acne spots are definitely NOT appreciated. But to telly ou the truth, of all the horrible pregnancy symptoms I could be having, I really shouldn't complain about a few pimples on my cheeks.

In my first trimester, I only craved apples and cheese. there was one time where i was at the grocery store, and i was craving cheese SO BAD. I opened a cheese stick and ate it while I shopped and then just handed over the wrapper to pay for it... the cashier gave me the strangest look... haha. I also craved tomatoes and oranges and bananas and pretty much all fruits and veggies. My naughty craving is Top Ramen... its horrible i know... but i can't help it. I just love it!!! And I couldn't even stand any sort of meat. My poor husband had to live with pasta and grilled cheese sandwiches for the first 12 weeks because raw meat was a bad bad idea. But in the last few weeks, chicken has been okay. But mostly I am still wanting rice and pasta and bread and fruit. 

Highlights of the Week?
This week I finally think I have started to show a little bit. :) So that was really exciting... until i realized that it meant the end of wearing my normal pants... 

Alright guys, i hope you enjoyed this update! 

See ya next week!

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  1. Love-love-loved it! Makes me wish I was pregnant. *sigh*
    And you are SO fortunate to have had SUCH a good first trimester! Woo-hooo!
    Go you! Keep it up! :D