Monday, September 19, 2011

Leave of Absence.

Good Grief it's been a long time since i last posted... i apologize.

nothing too incredibly exciting has happened, but still a few things that are at least note worthy... hmm i feel a Top Ten list coming on!!!

  1. We attended some fun sports games! My dad had tickets to The Cardinals Pre Season Game! He had tickets for the US Airways suite and it was Awesome!! Unlimited hot wings and hamburgers and chips and salsa and CHOCOLATE and diet coke... i mean come on! Plus the game was really great, even though we lost at the last second... literally.

2. We also went to a Diamondbacks game on the night that the tickets were only $5!! We just ran to downtown Phoenix, waited in line at the box office, asked for tickets in the nose bleed section, and loved every moment of it! It was just a fun spur of the moment trip to the ballpark! I love that Alex and I both love sports.

3. Also, part of the adventure of going to aforementioned game was that we drove my car, which is a cheve Aveo... and it's manual {aka. stick shift... aka. REALLY REALLY hard to drive up a hill} anyways, we had to park in the parking garage under the Bank of America building, and they have those horrid hills when you are trying to get out. I was basically about to have a heart attack, i was so afraid of driving up those hills. Basically for those who don't know, in a manual car you have to have your foot on the clutch while you accelerate, but while on a hill you have to also have your foot on the brake... and unless you have three feet and can hold down all three pedals at one time, it's almost impossible to go up a slight incline without rolling backwards into the car, tree, or small child that is behind you. And since there were people lined up all behind me, rolling backwards down the hill into them wasn't really an option. I'm still amazed that i made it out of that parking garage. prayer is a beautiful thing. and i will leave it at that.

ps. here is a cute picture of my car :) i loves it.

4. I went shopping with my mom on friday and we got lots of fun make up and nail polish. Plus we went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch... and that alone is happiness. We got the Red Velvet Cheesecake and i died and went to heaven. There is something so wonderful about shopping with ones mother. I always have the best time. We talk about real life stuff, no drama, she gives grate advice, and she buys me things that i feel to guilty about buying {nude colored lipstick & fuchsia nail polish}

5. I finally took all the junk donations in my trunk to Goodwill. I can now fit all my groceries in my trunk again. and i can see my closet floor. mission accomplished.

6. I started taking photos again. my boss needed some family photos done and he was brave enough to ask me to do them. I think they turned out really great :)

7. Labor day!! We spent an awesome weekend at the Lake with my familia! We went to Lake Roosevelt for 2 days and spent time working on my freckles and eating ourselves silly and tubing and just floating in the water listening to brad paisley and Ke$ha :) Alex got up on the Wake board for the first time. and i almost got up for the first time... small improvements every time i tell ya.



love of my life.

aren't we adorable.

matching teal shirts :)
8. I made my husband happy and learned how to play Magic the Gathering... if you don't know what it is... well that's okay. but just know it's kinda a nerdy game, with the same gist as Pokemon... you have cards with certain powers and you have to try and destroy the other players... super nerd fest, but Alex loves the game and i figured it would be a good thing for me to know how to play. so he taught me and then a couple days later we went to a Magic tournament together and i actually WON a few competitions!! Go figure. haha i actually really like the game now. We play together and it's fun to have a little healthy competition ;)

the Planeswalkers
9. I'm not a bad teacher. A few weeks ago Alex and I got called to teach the 13-14 year olds Sunday School class at church. I wasn't too thrilled about the assignment, but i'm learning, and every week gets better and better. The kids love my baking so there is a good incentive for them to behave! haha. Also, i make killer Word searches with the key words from each weeks lesson and they like that a lot too :)  Woot!

10. Abby went to homecoming on saturday and i took their pictures. here are my favs. :)

So there is a quick update... and i know i say this lots and lots, but i truly will try and write more often.

peace off. <3

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  1. So I just now realized that you and I have the same car... GO FIGURE! Only mine is black and not as pretty..... Oh Well :-)